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Lubrication Instruments

We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of lubrication instruments, that cater to the requirements of various industries. Designed using advanced technology, these instruments are appreciated for their high performance, long functional life and low maintenance. Further, we also undertake installation and after sales service for our range of instruments.

Systematrix Engg. Services has for the first time in India developed indigeneously ‘lubrisys’ metering cartridges with a difference. The earlier problems of leakages, not being able to understand if the metering cartridges are working are thing of the past. The developed metering cartridges have the advantage that there are no separate manifolds to hold the injectors hence no leakages. Indication pin is provided which moves up& down when the metering cartridges/ injectors are in operation helping the viewer understand the lubrication process even without removing the pipelines.

These injectors can be adjusted (up to 0.4 cc.) just by twist of screw which is never before feature will help in low stock management as different flows are achieved by the same injector, and as and when required. The injectors have 4 mounting hoes so that any two holes can be fixed at any position required. They can replace the older design cartridges, with no change in the pump, and are available separately without manifold required in range, starting from to 1to 16injectors in one block , which can be joined in parallel to other ‘lubrisys’ injectors. Other products as per requirement of the system and user can be designed and manufactured by us.
Manufactures, High Lubrication Pump for Oil and Grease Application. There Are Available in Hand, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Motorised Driven.
It is Better to Have High Pressure Pumps for Grease Whereas Low Pressure Pumps Work Better in Oil. These Pumps Work Independently or in Conjunction to Lubricate Many Points in a System with the Progressive Type Systems, Multi Line Systems, Dual Line Systems or Single Line Systems as the Requirement May Be. Right Selection of Pump with the Flow is Necessary for the Proper Working of the System.

Grease Gun:

Grease Guns Are a Common Type of Pump and Most Portable and Adaptable. Grease Guns Are Generally Manual, but Pneumatic Grease Guns Make the Greasing Much Easier, Moreover, the Real Problem is That the Grease Leaks from the Side of Conventional Grease Gun Nipple Adapter, Special Solutions Are Incorporated to Solve These Problems. These Pumps Work in Conjunction with the Distributor Block to Give Lubrication to a Number of Points from a Single Grease Nipple with Ease.

Pneumatic Pumps

These Pumps Make It Possible for the System to Be Completely Automatic with the Help of a Solenoid Valve and Timer.

Electric Pumps

Electrically Driven Grease Pumps Are Available in Various Container Sizes and Flows. Containers Made of Metal Do Not Break and Are Provided with a Tell- Tale Rod for Easy Monitoring of the Lubricant Quantity in the Container, Which is Duly Machined and Spring Loaded for Easy Suction of Even High Viscosity Greases. the Pressure Rating is 3500 Psi, Thereby Making It Possible to Grease Even High Back-pressure Points with Ease.
We manufacture pneumatic barrel pump for various industrial use. This is an automatic Operational Air driven Pump. There is a telescopic shaft which is put in lubricant container and once air is given the pump starts and the piston in the cylinder moves up and down, due to which the lubricant is given out. The flow can be made to stop by the stopping the flow of air. Hence, this pump can be intermediate in operation by using a Timer and Solenoid Valve to ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ the pump. For Grease a follower plate is required and a spring helps for suction of the grease, however, for oil this is not required. The length of the shaft is dependent on the height of the container on which the pump is mounted. The air pressure required to operate the pump is minimum 3 kg/cm3 and max 12 kg/cm3. The ratio of air to lubricant is 1: 25 i.e. if the air is say 5 kg/cm3 then the lubricant pressure (under Stress) will be 125 kg/cm3 hence this will flush out any contamination if present in the system.

This pneumatic barrel pump is widely used to transfer lubricant and also for systems where the lubricating points is large in number. These barrel pumps find application in all types of machines and equipment and also in garages for lubrication of vehicles. The flow can be adjusted by adjusting the flow of air. The supply of air has to be through a Filter and Lubricator, so that dirt, moisture etc. do not enter the pump and the pump works for a long life.
Systematrix Engg. Services have developed progressive distributor blocks for distributing oil or grease in even, metered quantity, to all points in a machine or plant. These progressive distributor blocks shall get the lubricant feed from the prime source like a pump (manual/ pneumatic/ motorized) or even simple grease gun and distribute it to the hard – to – reach, far away points. Each block has internal plungers which operate sequentially due to pressure of feed lubricant and deliver it to the corresponding outlets. The progressive distributor blocks are self monitoring. An indicating pin makes it possible to identify when the block is in operation without removal of piping. This pin can be coupled with proximity /limit switch for achieving different functions.

These progressive distributor blocks can be arranged in tandem as primary and secondary blocks depending on the location and number of lubricating points. The distributor blocks are available with outlets from 2 to 28 per block. Different flow per outlet is possible by different types of distributor blocks with solid or modular design, as per the requirement,

The typical application of the progressive type distributor blocks are Textile Machines, Steel Plant Machines,Over head Cranes, Sugar Industry, Hydraulic presses, bottling plants and any other special Purpose Machines.

Apart from the advantages of the Centralised lubrication system other advantages of the Progressive system over other systems are:
  • It is economical as it does not require special pumps to operate the block, a simple grease gun can also make the block work.
  • It is self monitoring - if any point is not receiving grease/oil due to high back pressure the system will stall and an indication through the indicator pin is visible as it will not move
  • It is a very compact unit hence small machine can easily accommodate the block.
Systematrix Engg Services manufactures high flow high pressure LUBRISYS Electrical pumps. As electricity is readily available, Electric Pumps  are preferred over other types of Pumps. The LUBRISYS Electric Pump  is with single outlet which has a huge flow 14cc/stroke, coupled with 30 rpm motor it gives about 450cc/min flow.  The Pump can be fitted with a adjustable valve, so that the flow can be reduced and  adjusted, as per the requirement. The manifold given along with pump has an inbuilt relief valve, which releases the excess grease back to the container.

The LUBRISYS Electric Pump can be used for  Progressive Distributor System, making use of the LUBRISYS  Adjustable Distributor and LUBRISYS   Standard Progressive Distributor Blocks to have the exact amount of lubricant in a given point. It is useful for a Dual Line System due to it’s high flow and high pressure capabilities, The manifold has a slot (female threading) for the return line from the LUBRISYS  Reversing Valve/Change Over Valve. It is very popular for greasing different point in a machine which are not Centralised, as it is done with ease as the flow is large and electric supply is used to operate it.

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